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SURESTEP SYSTEMS & SOLUTIONS                                                                                              Office Cell: +254 724-671-307
Vision Plaza, 3rd Floor.                                                                                                  Mobile +254 713-780-482
P.O Box 10389-00200, Nairobi Kenya                                                                                        Email:
Tel/Fax +254-20-4400253                                                                                               Agile, Dynamic and Sure Solutions


Surestep, the Navision Gurus tap SACCOs to
              steer their Growth

A new frontier in the provision of                                                                                    es,” says the Chief Executive Officer
software and Enterprise Resource                                                                                      (CEO) Mr. Jackson Kiio.
Planning (ERP) Systems-Microsoft                                                                                      He explained that over 6 years of in-
Dynamic Navision services to SAC-                                                                                     stallation, implementation and sup-
COs, real estates and Non-govern-                                                                                     port experience, Surestep systems
mental organizations (NGOs) has                                                                                       and solutions has been able to curve
been opened by Surestep Systems                                                                                       a position for itself as one of the
and Solutions.                                                                                                        market leaders in the development,
                                                                                                                      customization, implementation and
The company’s unique status is           Surestep Chief Executive Officer, Jackson Kiio and Enovate Norway Chief      support of end to end IT solutions.
based on the fact that it focuses        Executive Officer Henric Vohschlanbusch exchange the memorandum of           Kiio further notes, “Our system is full-
on filling the market gaps identified    understanding after signing.                                                 fledged, with magical capabilities,
in the business operations hence                                                                                      designed to give our clients the touch
offers a new and unique business         tion centers like I-lab in Strathmore,  Surestep Chief Executive             of class and exclusivity by integrating
solutions to the market.                 I-hub, m-lab, n-lab- in Kenya, Outbox   Officer, Jackson Kiio                various functions of an organization
Located at Vision Plaza along Mom-       in Uganda and Kinu in Tanzania.                                              to bring out the best there can be, at
basa road, Surestep which is also a      This provides the additional offer to                                        a reasonable cost.”
certified Microsoft partner has its      the Microsoft Dynamics modules                                               Surestep Systems and Solutions, Kiio
services also beneficial to financial    through sure steps add-ons.                                                  points out, has a system that guaran-
institutions, MFIs, Security firms,      Other product offering by the com-                                           tees its clients most essential, effi-
investment firms, insurance firms,       pany are Microsoft Dynamics AX - a                                           cient and effective modules such as
Universities, colleges, hotels and       business solution that supports both                                         Property/Assets Management mod-
other organizations in various sec-      operational and administrative pro-                                          ule, Investment Management Mod-
tors by implementing the best and        cesses of organizations.                                                     ule, FOSA and BOSA (Agile banking)
the most efficient software which                                                                                     Management Modulea and Payment
integrate various functions of an                                                                                     Processes Management Modules.
organization on one platform, and                                                                                     Other modules include Human re-
also secure data with much ease                                                                                       source and Payroll management
and autonomy.                                                                                                         module, membership module, Cus-
The company has a mission to pro-                                                                                     tomer relationship management
vide the best software solutions for                                                                                  module, supply chain management
businesses in all industries, with a                                                                                  module, Surestep Mobile banking
vision of becoming the most agile,                                                                                    and Surestep web portal among oth-
dynamic and preferred sure solu-                                                                                      ers.
tion provider.                                                                                                        “Our Surestep web portal and Con-
                                                                                                                      tent Management software delivers
And though headquartered in Nai-                                                                                      powerful intranet, extranet and in-
robi, the company plans to open                                                                                       ternet solutions for critical business
offices in other countries for expan-                                                                                 initiatives. Our service offers flexible
sion purposes.                                                                                                        content and layout which is easy to
                                                                                                                      use and design interface,” notes Kiio.
What gives Surestep an edge in the       Surestep staff members celebrate the signing of a memorandum of under-       The CEO said Surestep Systems and
industry is that Microsoft Dynamic       standing between their company and Enovate Norway.                           Solutions is ready to showcase the
Navision has many features that                                                                                       magical power out of its state- of-
make it outstanding amongst oth-                                                                                      the- art system and offer clients a
er types of systems, some of which                                                                                    cut-above- the- best.
include integration with MS office.                                                                                   Among Surestep’s clients include Fo-
                                                                                                                      rum for International Corporation(F-
It is also web based, works on do-       This single solution comes with localizations - in the box - for 36 coun-    IC), Kenya Veterinary Board, Kenya
main, works on VPN and works with        tries.                                                                       Medical Association SACCO (KMA),
SOL.                                     With a specialized focus on manufacturing, retail service industries,        Trade World Kenya Limited and Africa
Microsoft Dynamics Navision is           and public sector, Microsoft Dynamics AX includes capabilities such as       Diatomite Industries Ltd to mention
growing rapidly and provides solu-       financial management, manufacturing, retail, business intelligence and       but a few.
tions to meet midsized and small         reporting, supply chain management, and human capital management.            Surestep’s SACCO clients are offered
businesses expectations, provides        The other product offering is the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, where sales        services or SACCO solutions in both
flexibility and simplicity to business-  team must adapt to the new customer journey. Customer Relationship           BOSA and FOSA management, invest-
es which increase employees’ pro-        Management enable them to zero in, win faster, and sell more.                ment management and microfinance
ductivity.                               “We at Surestep are committed to giving our clients a system that will
Further on expertise, Surestep has       sustain both customers as well as their demands, and we believe that         manag1e7m|enStA. CCO Star Magazine
a dedicated team of innovators,          this will give organizations an un-matched foothold for growth, expan-
developers, Functional experts and       sion, and profitability which are the guiding principles in their business-
support team. In addition the com-
pany has partnerships with incuba-
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