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VISION                                             SACCO NEWS

To be a leading financial institution providing  Members of NewFortis SACCO following proceedings during their Annual General Meeting
efficient and competitive products and
services in Kenya.                               NEWFORTIS SACCO PRODUCTS AND SERVICES

MISSION                                            The main objective of the SACCO is to facilitate savings and offer loans to
To enhance customers confidence and sustain
their economic development through prudent         FOSA BANKING SECTION
management and innovation at competitive
rates to attain objectives and aspirations.        •	 Savings Accounts: open to all members
                                                   •	 Fixed Deposit Account: minimum amount that can be fixed is Ksh.
NewFortis SACCO                                    •	 Preferential Loan: for members who capitalize their dividends
P.O. Box 1939 - 10100 Nyeri                        •	 Emergency Loans: for unexpected cash needs, members can borrow up
Tel: (061) 2034282 / (061) 2034287
Email:                               to Ksh. 60,000
Website:                    •	 Salary Advance: payable within 12 months at an interest rate of 0.83%

  the members can pay their bills, transfer and         P.A.
  receive money at the convenience of their        •	 Mwalimu Special Package: repayable within 24 months, interest rate at
  mobile phone.
                                                        0.0625% per month
  NewFortis SACCO in targeting member
  growth through financial inclusion and           BOSA LOAN SECTION
  development, has endeavoured to
  implement value-chain approach to ensure         •	 Development Loan: for financing tangible assets and projects of the
  mutual benefits for all chain stakeholders            members
  while mitigating the risk of financial
  operations. This includes identifying            •	 School Fees Loan: for members’ school fees and repayable within 12
  potential financial needs, increasing the             months at an interest rate of 0.054% per month.
  capability of members through financial
  training and enabling higher savings from
  SACCO members while monitoring and
  evaluating performance. These activities
  have increased loan capacity, improved
  service delivery to members and led
  to development of new and innovative
  products and services like micro-credit loans
  which are to benefit groups, institutions and
  individual business people.

  Chairman NewFortis, Mr. John Githinji    Devolution Cabinet Secretary Hon. Mwangi        NewFortis SACCO C.E.O Mr. John Mathinji
SACCO reading his speech during the AGM  Kiunjuri giving his remarks during the NewFortis
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                                                              SACCO AGM.
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