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the Board and Management team were          accounts directly to their mobile wallet.   has been in existence for eight years saw
working on methods of ensuring that         Secondly, Ndege Chai SACCO reviewed         eight students among the membership
the level of delinquency would be kept      the terms of Jipange Loan and rebranded     receive grants.
at the lowest rate possible. While staying  the product in order to give members
committed to doing everything in their      with huge advance loans the opportunity     In his closing remarks, the Chairman
power to ensure quality service for all.    to restructure their finances and move      applauded the harmonious working
                                            away from the cyclical nature of advance    relationship at the delegate, board,
2015, saw the Society successfully launch   borrowing and the habit of dependency       management, staff and member
its online salary advance which enables     it breeds. Thirdly, the SACCO introduced    level that had contributed to the
members to make advance applications        new products such as asset financing.       achievements made in 2015.
without physically visiting SACCO offices.  Lastly, the SACCO scholarship program
Registered members also have the            for best academic performance, which
option of withdrawing money from their

Membership                 2015                                 YEAR                    Variance        %inc.
Deposits                   32,149                                    2014               1,765           5.8
Share Capital              Ksh. 1,431,543,420                        30,384             Ksh.89,252,790  6.7
Loans / Advance Portfolio  Ksh.134,628,933                           Ksh.1,342,290,630  Ksh.5,346,556   4.1
                           Ksh.1,783,113,083                         Ksh.129,282,377    Ksh.75,572,818  4.4

Board members of Ndege Chai SACCO being introduced at the ADM.  Ndege Chai SACCO delegates casting their votes at the ADM.


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