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                                                                                               Boresha SACCO Delegates

                                        BORESHA SACCO

  BORESHA SACCO LIMITED                 utilizes technology to improve service delivery
‘Pamoja twajimudu’ ‘United we Prosper’

SACCOs are operating in a rapidly changing business environment.                               Boresha SACCO National
Competition, technology, new market trends and new laws are real. It                           Chairman, Mr. Albert Chebiegon
is therefore of utmost importance that SACCOs devise new strategies                            Boresha SACCO C. E. O. Mr.
to cope with the changes. This will help retain members’ loyalty and                           Moses Chebor, Making his
patronage despite alternatives in the market.                                                  remarks during A.D.M.

Boresha SACCO has not been left behind in the use of technology. It is constantly innovating
in technological solutions best suited to serve its members’ needs. Speaking in the Society’s
Annual Delegates Meeting, Mr. Chebor noted that the Society was ahead in use of technology
to improve service delivery. “We have invested in modern tech¬nology to ensure members
are served effectively and promptly without limitation of localities,” he said. He encouraged
the delegates to embrace technology and educate members on how to use it, as this would
reduce long queues in banking halls.

Boresha SACCO, formerly Baringo Teachers SACCO, was registered in 1976 and was licensed by
SASRA in 2011 as a Deposit- taking SACCO. The Society has since grown in leaps and bounds.
Its membership was 60,752 in 2015 up from 48,272. This growth was due to an aggressive
recruitment by all Branches and Satellite Offices.

He urged delegates to engage in a Member-Recruit–Member Strategy. “Members are
encouraged to actively engage in recruitment beginning from immediate family members,

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