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a BASKET                                        TOWER SACCO             TOWER SACCO

   for all your                               40                           Tower SACCO FOSA Building  Tel: 051-8000822, Fax 020-2071205
FINANCIAL NEEDS                                20
                                                10                         Ol Kalou/ Nyahururu Road   Cell: 0723-836421’ 0733-416492

                                                       5                   P. O BOX 259-20303, OL,KALOU E-mail:
                                    A basket for all your financial needs

                                   MIRANGINE, NGANO, WIYUMIRIRIE , SHAMATA

challenges. Last year, Tower        VISION
SACCO carried out tree planting     To be an accessible, universal SACCO of choice for excellent and vibrant economic
at Kimaru Primary School for the    growth.
mentally challenged, Kwanjora
Primary School (special unit),      MISSION
Kenya Kid Chidren’s Home in         To mobilize, offer diversified, sustainable financial products and services at competitive
Engineer town and donated food      rates to uplift social-economic standards of members within the republic of Kenya and
and other basic items.              beyond.

As part of its future plans, The    TOWER SACCO PRODUCTS AND SERVICES:
Board of Directors proposed to
register a subsidiary investment    BOSA LOANS:                            FOSA ACCOUNTS:
company to enable Tower SACCO       •	 Normal Loan                         •	 Ordinary Savings Account
venture into other activities thus  •	 Instant Normal Loan                 •	 Current/ Business Account
ensuring that the core business     •	 Emergency Loan                      •	 Fixed Deposits Account
of the Society would not be         •	 School fees loan                    •	 Stop Gap Account
interfered with. In an effort       •	 Special Loan                        •	 Education Account/ School fees Account
to bring services closer to her                                            •	 Premium Scheme Account
members, Tower SACCO opened         FOSA LOANS:                            •	 Save as you Borrow Account
and operated six fully-fledged      •	 Instant FOSA loans                  •	 SACCO Junior Account
branches and nine satellite         •	 FOSA Emergency 24
offices. Moreover, the Board        •	 Salary Advance OKOA Advance          ASSET FINANCING:
recommended the elevation of        •	 Premium Scheme loan                   This loan is to enable customers to own assets
Kwa-Haraka satellite office into a  •	 Premium Emergency loan                like vehicles, building, both commercial and
branch office after recording an    •	 Farm produce advance                  residential land and other properties.
average of 1,500 member visits      •	 Dividend Advance
per month.

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