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The Chief Executive Officer of VIKTAS SACCO, Ann
Waweru toasts with her Chairman Mr. Cyprus
Mwangi during the rebranding celebration

Viktas SACCO formerly Nyahururu                   rebranding was grueling. It involved         The Chairman, Mr. Cyprus Mwangi
Umoja SACCO pulled out all the stops to           evaluation of the SACCO, development         applauded members and Management
celebrate their rebranding. The colorful          of a new corporate identity and brand        on the tremendous growth during
ceremony took place concurrently                  manual, changing the internal and            the just concluded financial year.
with the Society’s Annual General                 external communication channels and          Viktas SACCO loan books stood at Ksh.
Meeting. In attendance were members,              shifting internal culture and attitudes to   89,845,305 registering a growth of 24.5%
delegates, the Board, Management, staff,          ensure long term sustainability.             and share capital at Ksh. 21,766,249. Mr.
Government officials, CEC members and                                                          Mwangi attributed the growth to the
the Commissioner of Co-operatives Mr.             To ensured ease of access to its products    members’ continuous confidence in the
Philip Gichuki to name a few.                     and services, Viktas SACCO extended          SACCO, increase in membership, efficient
                                                  FOSA services to members in Nyahururu        member recruitment exercises, effective
Rebranding to Viktas SACCO was                    town through a satellite office located      marketing strategies and the cordial
necessitated by the need to expand                behind Nuclear stage. As more members        relationship among all stakeholders.
SACCO operations without limitation,              visited the office, the management felt
compete with other financial institutions,        it prudent to convert the satellite office   Viktas SACCO, in a bid to find
influence customer perceptions,                   into a fully fledged branch to reach out to  opportunities of improving member
revitalize the brand and reach a more             more members.                                living standards, registered Umoja
diverse audience. The process of                                                               Dairy Society to cater to dairy farmers

VISION                                            MISSION                                      CONTACTS
To be a Regional Competitive SACCO
Offering a Wide Range of Quality and              To Mobilize Savings and Deposits, Offer      P.O. BOX 2183-20300 Nyahururu
Affordable Financial Services                     affordable Credit and other Financial        Tel: 	 +254 729 885 713
                                                  Products and Services through prudent        	 +254 750 956 651
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