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                                                                                                                     COVER STORY



Board Members and Members of Kenya Bankers        Board Members of Kenya Bankers SACCO                      01
SACCO                                             introducing themselves during the SACCO Dinner
                                                  at Laico Regency                                          OPENING OUR MEMBERSHIP TO
                                                                                                            THE PUBLIC
                                                                                                            We have witnessed the appetite
                                                                                                            by which the general public is
                                                                                                            willing to join our membership.
                                                                                                            We shall therefore seek
                                                                                                            delegates approval to allow us
                                                                                                            include them into membership.
                                                                                                            This will enable us realize our
                                                                                                            vision of being the leading
                                                                                                            SACCO in Africa.

Kenya Bankers SACCO members dancing during        Kenya Bankers SACCO members during a dinner party at      02
the dinner Party at Laico Regency Hotel           Laico Regency Hotel
                                                                                                            VISA NETWORK
                                                                                                            We intend to procure a stable
                                                                                                            VISA network application to
                                                                                                            facilitate easy access of funds
                                                                                                            to our members especially
                                                                                                            retirees who do not operate
                                                                                                            bank accounts. This network will
                                                                                                            supplement the available mobile
                                                                                                            banking platform.

Kenya Bankers SACCO members listening to the      Chairlady Nairobi Branch Rebecca Kichubu, Kenya           03
Chairman speach                                   Bankers National Chairman Mr. Elly Oyugi handing a
                                                  gift to the old member Florence Gitau next to her is Mr.  FUNCTIONAL BRANCHES
                                                  Elijah Dede Chief Executive Officer.                      We intend to operationalize
                                                                                                            our branches to provide among
The Chief Executive Officer Kenya Bankers SACCO,  The Kenya Bankers SACCO National Chairman Elly Oyugi      others, FOSA activities and credit
Mr. Elijah Dede dancing to the tune during the    giving his remarks during their SACCO Dinner at Laico     facilities.
SACCO Dinner.                                     Regency
                                                                                                            OTHER ACTIVITIES
KENYA BANKERS SACCO SOCIETY LIMITED           Wireless: 020-2614226/2614781/2720231/ 2720237
Off Ngong Road, 3rd Ngong Avenue,             Safaricom: 0723 555 000                                       The SACCO being aware of the
Community Area                                Airtel: 0735 338 800                                          importance of family and the
P. O. Box 73236- 00200 Nairobi                Email:                             role it plays towards its growth,
                                                                                                            usually organizes couples
                                                                                                            dinner. In the year 2015, the
                                                                                                            SACCO organized such dinner
                                                                                                            in Mombasa and Nairobi. The
                                                                                                            Nairobi dinner culminated
                                                                                                            into one of the members’
                                                                                                            proposing to the fiancée. It was
                                                                                                            an occasion to remember. We
                                                                                                            normally have such occasions
                                                                                                            every two years.

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