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Elections at the 12th Regional Assembly for Alliance Africa

Elections at the 12th Regional Assembly for Alliance Africa

Ms. Hilda Ojall is the new President of the Alliance Africa Youth Network.
The Alliance Africa Board celebrates the first ever Alliance Africa Youth Network Committee President, Ms Hilda Ojall. This young lady was elected to the position during the 12th Regional Assembly that was held in Lemigo Hotel Kigali - Rwanda on the 31st of October 2016. 
The Regional Assembly represented by all members directly, is the highest authority of the Alliance Africa. The Regional Assembly, a central policy making and representative body brings together all Alliance Africa members once every two years, providing them a platform for discussing multiple issues concerning development and growth of co-operative organizations as well as opportunity for networking and forming alliances for mutual benefit.
The Regional Assembly plays a vital role in strengthening the democratic governance process of co-operatives in the region by building consensus on issues and approving the agenda after discussion to the satisfaction of all members. The Regional Assembly encompasses the Africa Co-operative Conference and various events organized by the Alliance Africa.
The Regional Board of the Alliance Africa has tenure of 4 years; 2016 was an election year for the Board, where for the first time a youth representative appeared on the ballot paper.
The entire election process was managed by an Elections Committee comprising 6 individuals from the membership of the Alliance Africa, and chaired by Prof. Douglas Shitanda the acting Vice Chancellor of the Co-operative University of Kenya (CUK).

The election committee helps voters through the election procedures

Vote Registration and Designation Forms were sent out to all members to nominate suitable candidates from their youth leagues for this position. By the end of the nomination period, Ms Hilda Ojall, from a field of two candidates met the eligibility criteria to stand for elections as the Alliance Africa Youth Network Representative. Her nomination was passed by the Alliance Africa Youth Network, and duly validated by the 12th Regional Assembly on 31 October 2016. This means that as the Youth Representative, Ms Ojall has been co-opted to the Regional Board of the Alliance Africa, with the right to vote on issues concerning the policy and strategic direction that the Alliance will take, particularly with regards to youth co-operators.

In this regard, Ms Ojall is the only female on the Regional Board, and thus by default also carries the voices of female co-operators at that level.

During her pre-election address, Ms Ojall promised to lead youth co-operators in the African region in embracing a political, social, economic, environmental approach in order to become more effective in co-operative innovation, and also in implementing and monitoring the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in order to contribute to the eradication of in the region.

(Ms Ojall, (29) currently works with The Kenya Union of Savings and Credit Co-operatives Ltd (KUSCCO) under Risk Management Services. She is a certified Credit Union Development Educator (ADE) having completed the D.E program, and is an educator of Credit Unions / SACCOs where she builds capacities of members on issues that affect the smooth running of SACCOs, particularly the youth across Africa.)


The newly elected Alliance Africa Youth Network President, who also presented the background paper on What African Youth Co-operators Contribute to Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals during the Alliance Africa Youth Conference held at the same venue on 29 October 2016, is confident that her election will be an inspiration to young people to join the co-operative movement, and especially to female co-operators to aspire for leadership positions. As a vivacious and outspoken young leaders, the Alliance Africa Youth Network will take on a more energetic and focused path towards strengthening the co-operative movement in Africa in general