Risk Management Services

Our role is to provide advice and underwrite risks for the cooperative movement by offering seamless hedging solutions to SACCOs and their members in Kenya.

SACCOs in Kenya, like any other organizations, are prone to financial risks. Our role is to provide advice and underwrite risks for the cooperative movement by offering seamless hedging solutions to SACCOs and their members in Kenya.

Our expertise in risk modeling and capability to explore and build innovative insurance products has seen us develop world class products for SACCOs in Kenya. We identify and mitigate both short and long term risks for SACCOs, as we deliver cost-effective, long-term strategic value across a wide range of Risk Management policies.


Our services are offered by the Risk Management Services Department whose mandate is to provide a mutual protection fund to all SACCOs in Kenya, and in so doing, protect SACCO members against adverse financial losses in the unfortunate event of death, disability or SACCO’s insolvency or collapse.


To be recognized as the leading provider of Risk Management services to all SACCOs in Kenya.


To manage risks for all SACCOs in Kenya by providing reliable and high quality SACCO insurance products and services to all stakeholders in the cooperative movement in Kenya.


1. To provide a forum for SACCOs in Kenya to cooperate through solidarity and mutual support in order to strengthen and consolidate their relations
2. To enable SACCOs to spread risks amongst themselves
3. To educate SACCOs and their members on the benefits of cooperative risk management
3. To maximise KUSCCO’s market share in the dynamic insurance industry in Kenya

Savings Cover

This policy insures SACCO members’ savings. Savings insured by this product include deposits, savings and shares held by members.

Loans Cover

Our Loans Cover policy is designed to protect SACCO members from the possibility of defaulting on loan repayments as a result of unforeseen and unfortunate events that may lead to financial losses by members.

Funeral Rider

We offer funeral expenses cover as an extra benefit to SACCO members who hold any of our insurance policies. The amount payable for funeral expenses is dependent on the type of insurance cover or combination of covers taken up by respective SACCOs. A SACCO can for instance choose to place its risk with KUSCCO on loan, shares, savings and funeral expenses

Insurance Covers

We have a number of insurance products, specially designed for SACCOs and the cooperative movement in Kenya. Some of the insurance policies available to SACCOs in Kenya are:

1. Savings Cover
2. Loans Cover
3. Funeral Rider
4. Committee Members and Staff Cover

Committee Members and Staff Cover

The Committee Members Staff Cover is an ideal insurance policy for:

1. Rewarding staff and committee members’ long and odd hours of service
2. Offering an extra benefit in the pay package for committee members and staff

Why SACCOs Should Insure with Us

Given the rising cost of insurance and increased exposure to financial risks by both organisations and individuals in Kenya, we offer very competitive insurance packages, custom-made for SACCOs and the cooperative movement in Kenya.
Some of the risk management benefits we offer SACCOs in Kenya are:

1. Saving resources: Time, assets, income, property and people are all valuable resources that can be saved if fewer claims occur;
2. Protecting the reputation and public image of SACCOs;
3. Preventing or reducing legal liability and increasing the stability of SACCOs’ operations;
4. Reducing liabilities;
5. Assisting SACCOs in clearly defining insurance needs;

For individuals, specific benefits our risk management services offer include:

1. Prompt settlement of all loan balances of an individual member upon death;
2. Prompt settlement of loan balances of an individual member in event of total and permanent disability;
3. All subsequent new loans granted to members in any one given year are automatically covered without charging additional premiums;
overage of all loans granted according to the SACCO by-laws and the Cooperative Societies Act are covered;
4. Payment of the members’ total savings and deposits balances upon death;
5. Payment of agreed amount of funeral expenses for every deceased member;
6. Settlement of all advance balances of an individual member upon death;
7. Settlement of all payment package balances upon death;
8. Members are not subjected to any medical requirements or examinations to qualify for our insurance products;
9. Member SACCOs will be entitled to 45% rebates of the total premiums less any claims settled during a year under review;
10. Our insurance policies have no HIV/AIDS exclusion;
11. Risk Management Services is reinsured through the Capital Reserve Fund. Thirty per cent of premiums paid are set aside into a capital fund which forms the reinsurance of Risk Management Services;
12. Based on the transactions under Risk Management Services, any surplus realized goes back to SACCOs in form of dividends;
13. As affiliates of KUSCCO, joining the Risk Management Services means that SACCOs will be supporting their own national cooperative organisation, which is in line with the cooperative movement’s spirit of co-operation and mutual support;
14. Risk Management Services is stable and financially sound, boasting of over 1,000 SACCO members.

ISO 9001


We commit to consistently promote SACCOs through advocacy and provision of quality technical and financial products that exceed the members’ expectations.
We shall comply with the statutory requirements and actively pursue continuous improvement of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) processes, capabilities and effectiveness.
In pursuit of our commitment we shall ensure that the quality policy and objectives that have been established and communicated to the Union employees shall be reviewed annually in accordance with the stipulated framework and quality standards.”